The products of Nordsvala are manufactured partly in Torne Valley, Swedish Lapland at Kero Leather in Sattajärvi, and at home in Ångermanland, High coast, Sweden. The leather used in my products comes from cattle and reindeer, and is veggie tanned in the tannery in Sattajärvi with regards to both man and environment. Some of my work contains stamped texts in Meänkieli. Perhaps for the first time in history you're now able to find Meänkieli on jewellery!


The inspiration for Nordsvalas work is found in the northern part of Sweden, Torne Valley in Swedish Lapland and the tradition of keeping reindeer. From the forest, the river and the mires. By the love for a country without borders. With both serious thought and humour.


Unisexdesign that can be used whoever you are, wherever you are. In the forest as well as to a party. As a souvenir or to show who you are. If you're interested in a custom-made product just for you, let me know!


My name is Beatrice Svala, and I'm the founder of Nordsvala. I'm active in both The High coast and Torne Valley in Sweden. My roots and the longing back to Torne Valley have become the main source of inspiration. I was born in the south, grew up in Pajala in the north and now live in the middle. But I'm a Tornedalian (inhabitant of the Torne Valley) at heart. I'm also a bit Finnish, a bit Sami and yes, a whole lot Swedish too. And that, is what you can call diversity in one piece of human.


As a Tornedalian I have two languages; Swedish and Meänkieli, the language spoken on both sides of the Torne river, in both the Swedish and Finnish part of Torne Valley. As a Tornedalian I wanted to promote the language and create awareness of its existence by using it in my designs. Now you can study Meänkieli at university level at Umeå university!

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The river, mire and the forest

The hum of mosquitos in the mires, the silence of the forest or the thunder of the river. It can be mirrored in the sense of roots as in the greyening wood on the

old barn.